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The Rivett Lodge is a traditional South Dakota farm house which was originally constructed in the late 1930s. Since then, it has been added onto and renovated to become over 8,000 square feet of first class destination lodging accommodations. Our guests enjoy the extensive collection of wild game taxidermy taken from all over the world, as well as billiards, card table, books, two hot tubs, and massage therapy available nightly.

The Rivett Lodge can accommodate up to 24 people in 12 bedrooms, all in their own pillow-top, king, queen, full and twin beds and all under one roof. Guests also enjoy Flat Panel LCD TVs in every sleeping room, and with a full selection of channels you're sure to find what you're looking for. When you're here it's your home. All guests can walk from anywhere in the lodge to their room and never need put on a pair of shoes or a jacket.

"I had the pleasure of hunting at the Rivett Refuge in November, 2008. It was only my son and I. However, we were treated the same as if we were with their largest group. We had all the meals, hors d'oeuvres, wine, and cocktails as if they were hosting a group of twenty. I can't tell you enough what a pleasurable experience it was." -- J.T. Gandolfo Columbia, S.C.


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